James F. Scearce

3526 Lakeshore Drive
Tallahassee, Florida 32312


Business, Civil, Commercial, Employment, Insurance, Labor, Partnership Disputes, Sexual Harassment, Workplace

Present Occupation: Private Arbitrator (and occasionally Mediator)






Univ of NC



Fla St Univ




ARBITRATION/LABOR RELATIONS EXPERIENCE: 1977-Present, Arbitrator; 1976-77, National Director-FMCS; 1974-75,, Deputy Director-FMCS; 1973-Labor Consultant, EPA; 1969-72, Special Asst, Labor/Management Relations Admin-USDOL; 1965-68, Labor Consultant (Mediation), NASA; 1958-65, Ind Rel Mgr- Douglas A/C, S/E Opns


INDUSTRIES: Airlines, Railroads, Manufacturing, Commercial, Sports, Mail/Package Hand-ling & Delivery, Clothing, Paper, Food, Utilities, Communications, Construction, Printing/ Publishing, Metal Fabrication, Arts/Entertainment, Aerospace, Coal, Health Care, Hotel/ Restaurants, Lumber

ISSUES: Absenteeism, Arbitrability, Bargaining Unit Work, Conduct, Demotion, Discipline

(Non-Discharge), Discipline (Discharge, Discrimination, Drug/Alcohol Offenses, Fringe Benefits: Bonus, Holidays, Insurance, Leave, Vacation, Grievance Mediation, Health/ Hospitalization, Job Performance, Job Posting/Bidding, Jurisdictional Disputes, Layoffs/ Bumping/Recall,

Management Rights, Contract Terms, Overtime, Past Practices, Pensions, Rates of Pay, RIF,

Call-in, Callback Pay, Safety, Scheduling of Work, Seniority, Union Business, Vacations and Vacation Pay, Work Performance, Worker Comp., AWOL, COLA, Contracting Out, Guaranteed Work Week, Insubordination, Leave of Absence, Merit Pay, Fringe Benefits, Performance Appraisal, Promotions, Reassignment, Shift Hours, Hours of Work, Sick Leave, Wages, Work Week Change, Sexual Harassment, Grievance Mediation.

3526 Lakeshore Drive


Tallahasse, Florida 32312


Phone: 850-386-6094


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