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Kennesaw State University Launches Master’s Program in Mediation
4/10/2018 9:56:26 AM
Description: Kennesaw State University is now offering a master’s degree in conflict management that teaches media skills and prepared graduates to lead mediation programs.  The degree is offered through the School of Conflict, Management,

Mediation Could Be Used to Settle Council Bluffs Dispute
4/10/2018 9:54:13 AM
Description: The dispute between the Pottawattamie County Board of Supervisors and the Council Bluffs City Council is headed toward mediation.  The dispute grew from questions about the future of the current police headquarters.    Both sides

Paulding Airport Dispute Could End with Successful Mediation
3/17/2018 4:13:35 PM
Description: Attorneys from both sides will meet to discuss the lawsuit regarding the potential commercialization of Pauling’s airport.   According to one of the attorneys, Chuck Conerly, some other attorneys involved in the suit made contact about

School Calling for Mediation to Resolve Dispute between MEAC and Hampton University
3/17/2018 4:11:13 PM
Description: Hampton University is calling for mediation attempts to settle the dispute over the school exiting the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC).  A letter in late February to the conference from Hampton called for both sides to settle on a

Mediation Up Next for Annapolis and Lofts at Eastport Landing
3/17/2018 4:10:30 PM
Description:   Mediation could help to resolve the Eastport Landing development conflict between the city of Annapolis and Solstice Partners LLC.  It is rare for the city to participate in mediation concerning planning and zoning issues, but they have

Mediation Willow Bay Dam Case Headed to Mediation
3/6/2018 12:13:58 AM
Description: The Willow Creek Dam dispute is headed to mediation, per the Montana Supreme Court decision recently handed down.  The state and the irrigation group have been ordered to use the out-of-court method to resolve the conflict concerning the

Cell Phone Dispute Headed to Mediation
2/12/2018 6:18:03 PM
Description: Mediation will take place on March 9th between the City of Piedmont and Crown Castle concerning cell antennas the company plans to install in the city.    Crown Castle plans to install eight cell towers and had hoped to accomplish this

Timber Company Dispute Headed to Mediation
2/5/2018 11:06:17 PM
Description: A family arguing over shares in a timber company are headed to mediation.  The McCaughey family will attempt to resolve their dispute over IJM Timber Engineering Ltd outside of the courtroom.  They are the primary shareholders in the

Norfolk Family Mediation Continues to Support Divorcing Couples in the Area
1/22/2018 10:45:09 PM
Description: Norfolk Family Mediation is experiencing its annual influx of requests from couples that seems to be spurred on by the holiday season.   For more than 30 years, the agency has been supporting separating families and helping them end

Mediation Yields Settlement in Bus Driver Rape Case
1/4/2018 10:28:15 PM
Description: A three hour mediation session resulted in an out-of-court resolution to the civil lawsuit against a former school bus driver who pleaded guilty to statutory rape in 2016.  The amount of money Durham School Services will pay was not made