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Atlantic City Pier Battle Continues
2/21/2016 5:58:49 PM
Description: The lender making an effort to repossess many of the rides located along the Steel Pier has now agreed to mediation to resolve the dispute with the amusement park. According to Pier President Anthony Catanoso, the dispute is getting

South Dakota Farmers Face Challenges
12/5/2015 12:36:22 PM
Description: South Dakota farmers are faced with a great deal of stress concerning this year’s harvest and the potential for next year’s to be equally as disappointing. Prices are their main concern – especially since those prices aren’t

Corvallis Teen Faces Multiple Mediation Sessions Regarding Fire He Started
11/21/2015 11:56:49 AM
Description: The Corvallis teenage who started a fire at the Chip Ross Park in September 2014 will soon meet with the residents in the area affected by the fire. The Benton County Juvenile Court has hired Neighbor to Neighbor, Inc., a mediation company based out

Additional Mediation Scheduled to Settle SEOEMS Lawsuit
8/15/2015 8:12:34 AM
Description: Another upcoming mediation session has been scheduled to help settle a lawsuit concerning the disposition of assets from Southeastern Ohio Emergency Medical Services, the now defunct tri-county organization.   The SEOEMS served Jackson,

Mediation Could Help Settle the Crisis in Greece
6/2/2015 6:02:42 PM
Description: The most recent meeting of finance managers from Eurozone took place early in May in Brussels, Germany. Since 2010 these meetings have gone nowhere and have been met within increasing public frustration, considering the upheaval that has been

Bankruptcy Court Orders Energy Future Holdings and Creditors into Mediation
5/13/2015 2:49:00 PM
Description: Dallas-based Energy Future Holdings (EFH), locked in a battle with investors dissatisfied with its handling of a failed electrical generation business unit, has been ordered into formal mediation with the group of investors by the bankruptcy judge

Nevada Considers Ending Foreclosure Mediation Program
5/13/2015 2:47:38 PM
Description: The State of Nevada is considering a recommendation of a state senate subcommittee to end the state’s foreclosure mediation program. The recommendation is based on reports of economic recovery including a much more stable and robust housing

Sweet Briar College Closing Headed to Mediation
5/6/2015 1:07:32 PM
Description:   A small women-only college in Virginia’s decision to close its doors due to its untenable financial situation has prompted lawsuits attempting to force the college to stay open. The Virginia Attorney General has urged both sides into

District Court Orders 4 Star Resolution, FTC, and New York’s Attorney General into Mediation
4/10/2015 4:59:45 PM
Description: An ongoing dispute between debt collection agency 4 Star Resolution, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and New York State’s Attorney General’s office has been referred to mediation by a U.S. District Court. 4 Star Resolution had been

Final Mediation to Commence between El Paso Children’s Managers and the University Medical Center
3/9/2015 3:55:52 PM
Description:   An ongoing dispute between the El Paso Children’s Hospital and the University Medical Center Board of Managers over control over the hospital’s finances is set to enter the final stage of mediation. The board had given the