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Federal Judge Criticizes Charles Ergen Over Behavior during Mediation Process
7/9/2014 6:00:31 PM
Description: The mediation process seeking to resolve the outstanding debt structure of Harbinger Capital Management as it emerges from bankruptcy appears to be headed for success – no thanks to Harbinger’s largest creditor, who was specifically

Creditors and the LightSquared Company Use Mediation to Settle Dispute
5/29/2014 3:00:16 PM
Description:   The Wireless company LightSquared and its creditors are headed to court-ordered mediation to settle their bankruptcy plan.  The bankrupted company’s creditors include Dish Network, and they are hoping a restructured plan will help

Caribbean Resort Ordered into Mediation with Lenders
4/25/2014 1:28:03 PM
Description:   Scrub Island Resort, located in the British Virgin Islands and operated since 2010, has been ordered into mandatory mediation sessions with their primary lender, FirstBank Puerto Rico over their filed restructuring proposal involving nearly

Financial Documents To Collect For Divorce Mediation
4/24/2014 2:22:42 PM
Description: When you start a divorce process, there are a number of documents that you’ll want to collect for your reference. You’ll also need them for your mediator and attorney and ultimately for your spouse. Collecting this information for some

Overview of Equitable Distribution in Virginia …Step #2…What’s ‘Equitable’?
4/24/2014 2:19:29 PM
Description:   In our last posting (“Equitable Distribution…Step #1”), we talked about identifying “marital” and “separate” property. We’ll get into more nitty-gritty about “marital” and

Equitable Distribution in Virginia…Step #1…What’s “Marital” Property?
4/14/2014 10:46:20 AM
Description: In a prior post (Financial Documents to Collect…), we provided a pretty complete list of the kinds of documents you will want to collect prior to meeting with counsel or prior to your first mediation session. This should give you a great view

Detroit Creditors Criticize Mediator for Public Endorsement of Mediation Deal
1/6/2014 4:50:15 PM
Description:   As the city of Detroit struggles through the largest public bankruptcy in the history of the United States, some of its creditors are publicly unhappy with the Federal Judge appointed as Mediator in the situation.  At issue are public

Arizona Judge Proposes Mediation as Debt Collection Solution
12/6/2013 9:53:01 AM
Description:   The holidays mean many things to many people, but all too often in the modern day, they mean the acquisition of unsustainable debts by consumers seeking to fill shopping lists and take advantage of so-called “Black Friday” deals

Detroit’s Bankruptcy Mediation to be Held in Courtroom Estimated to be Worth $1 Million
9/18/2013 9:45:41 PM
Description:   It’s ironic enough that Detroit, one of the original pillars of American wealth and ingenuity, is now filing bankruptcy.  To further the irony, the bankruptcy mediation hearings will be taking place in a Detroit courtroom that has

San Bernardino Will Create Bankruptcy Plan with the Help of its Residents
9/9/2013 10:46:34 PM
Description:   The San Bernardino bankruptcy that is in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court will now be guided by a mediator whose purpose is to streamline the process and guide the city through a predetermined plan to successfully restructure its debt under the