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Seattle Student Mediation Program Holds Kids Accountable
2/24/2018 12:07:35 AM
Description: A King County mediation program has been put in place to help Seattle teens stay out of jail.  In the program, the teen accused of wrongdoing must face the person who has been harmed.  A peer mediator works with all parties involved and

Hernando Schools Superintendent Headed to Mediation with Neighbor
2/12/2018 6:16:33 PM
Description: Lori Romano, Hernando County Schools Superintendent, and her neighbor are headed to mediation in an effort to end their dispute.  Romano recently filed a restraining order against her neighbor, Italia Carolina Lainez.  This is common for

Timber Company Dispute Headed to Mediation
2/5/2018 11:06:17 PM
Description: A family arguing over shares in a timber company are headed to mediation.  The McCaughey family will attempt to resolve their dispute over IJM Timber Engineering Ltd outside of the courtroom.  They are the primary shareholders in the

Family Court Mediation Program is a Success
1/29/2018 7:38:02 PM
Description: The Nagpur Family Court’s Mediation Centre has proven successful after settling more than 2000 cases in the six plus years it was been in operation.  The center opened in June of 2011 and has played a role in the settlement of nearly 45%

Norfolk Family Mediation Continues to Support Divorcing Couples in the Area
1/22/2018 10:45:09 PM
Description: Norfolk Family Mediation is experiencing its annual influx of requests from couples that seems to be spurred on by the holiday season.   For more than 30 years, the agency has been supporting separating families and helping them end

Northern Iowa Mediation Program to Address Truancy
1/4/2018 10:29:00 PM
Description: The Cerro Gordo County Attorney’s office, a prosecutor’s office in northern Iowa, is working with a local school district to deal with issues of truancy.  The anti-truancy program launched nearly a year ago and is supposed to help

Mediation Yields Settlement in Bus Driver Rape Case
1/4/2018 10:28:15 PM
Description: A three hour mediation session resulted in an out-of-court resolution to the civil lawsuit against a former school bus driver who pleaded guilty to statutory rape in 2016.  The amount of money Durham School Services will pay was not made

Mediation Offered in Response to Dispute that Involved Death of a Baby
12/27/2017 11:10:16 PM
Description:   Mediation has been offered to two members of the same groupinvolved in a feud that most recently resulted in the pellet gun shooting of an eight month old baby.  The child’s mother, as well as a teenage boy were also shot by the

South Australia Family Mediation Program Receive Records Requests for Service
12/27/2017 11:09:20 PM
Description: A South Australian mediation program that helps family resolve legal disputes out of court has experienced record demand in recent months.  The program utilizes something known as “shuttle mediation,” which utilizes a facility that

Bullying Claims to Be Heard by Mediator
12/16/2017 3:02:55 PM
Description: A mediator will oversee a dispute between Springfield school officials and a student’s mother who claims her daughter was bullied.  The two sides were ordered to mediation by US District Judge Claire C.  Cecchi after the mother sued