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Ownership of Augusta Home to be Settled in Mediation
7/21/2015 6:53:41 PM
Description: The ownership of the St. Mark’s Home at Winthrop and Pleasant Streets in Augusta, Maine will be settled through a mediation session. The home closed last October after serving as a home for poor and destitute women – a service that was

Celebrity Divorce Could Utilize Mediation to Settle
7/21/2015 6:52:51 PM
Description: The highly publicized split between Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck will likely be settled through arbitration, according to representatives from both camps. The couple is ending a 10 year marriage that included three children.   Statements

Country Star Settles Divorce during Mediation
7/10/2015 11:32:55 AM
Description: The divorce of country music starts Trace Adkins and his estranged wife Rhonda was recently settled during a private mediation session. Rhonda had originally requested a $20 million settlement, in addition to fully custody of the couple’s

Connecticut’s Foreclosure Mediation Program Extended
6/23/2015 9:13:02 AM
Description: The Connecticut House of Representatives recently voted to extend the state’s current foreclosure program for at least three more years. The bill, HB 6752, was an order to extend the Connecticut Foreclosure Mediation Program. It passed with a

Mediation Could Help Settle the Crisis in Greece
6/2/2015 6:02:42 PM
Description: The most recent meeting of finance managers from Eurozone took place early in May in Brussels, Germany. Since 2010 these meetings have gone nowhere and have been met within increasing public frustration, considering the upheaval that has been

Mandatory Mediation and GMOs in Oregon
6/2/2015 6:01:53 PM
Description: GMOs (genetically modified organisms) have gained a great deal of attention in recent months as more consumers learn about them and companies determine whether to use them in products. GMOs are so controversial, Oregon lawmakers are considering a

Fighting to Save Sweet Briar Leads to Mediation
6/2/2015 5:57:44 PM
Description:   The Sweet Briar College dispute continues on with parties participating in ongoing mediation meetings. Attorneys representing the parties involved negotiated for three hours the beginning of this month and met again

Nevada Considers Ending Foreclosure Mediation Program
5/13/2015 2:47:38 PM
Description: The State of Nevada is considering a recommendation of a state senate subcommittee to end the state’s foreclosure mediation program. The recommendation is based on reports of economic recovery including a much more stable and robust housing

Sweet Briar College Closing Headed to Mediation
5/6/2015 1:07:32 PM
Description:   A small women-only college in Virginia’s decision to close its doors due to its untenable financial situation has prompted lawsuits attempting to force the college to stay open. The Virginia Attorney General has urged both sides into

Why Mediation Fails
4/1/2015 3:10:05 PM
Description: Why Divorce Mediation Fails.   Despite all the advantages of mediation, my experience has shown there are three main reasons why the mediation process fails in a divorce case. If you aware of them and can avoid these pitfalls ahead of time,