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Rapper Lil Kim Headed to Mediation Over Mansion
6/6/2016 5:29:54 PM
Description: Celebrity rap artist Lil Kim is facing a number of financial challenges, which includes possible foreclosure on her mansion in Alpine. Kim will participate in Sean Combs’ upcoming Bad Boy Family Reunion tour, but as of yet, the gig will not be

Mediation Continues in Duck River Project
4/29/2016 10:29:45 AM
Description: Officials from the Cullman Utilities Board met recently in an executive session to discuss the mediation and arbitration process with contractor ASI Constructors regarding the Duck River Dam project. The construction efforts on the dam, the intake

Judge Rejects Suggestion of Mediation in HDL Case
3/10/2016 5:25:33 PM
Description: A Richmond federal bankruptcy court judge dismissed a request for mediation by Health Diagnostic Laboratory, Inc. and instead approved their request to access $800,000 in insurance proceeds to help pay for legal costs. The mediation request was made

Atlantic City Pier Battle Continues
2/21/2016 5:58:49 PM
Description: The lender making an effort to repossess many of the rides located along the Steel Pier has now agreed to mediation to resolve the dispute with the amusement park. According to Pier President Anthony Catanoso, the dispute is getting

Mediation Could Resolve Memphis Zoo Parking Dispute
2/13/2016 4:44:32 PM
Description: According to Memphis Zoo president and CEO Chuck Brady, the zoo’s move to Chancery Court does not damage efforts to mediate the dispute between the zoo and the Overton Park Conservancy. Attorneys from both sides are preparing their arguments

South Dakota Farmers Face Challenges
12/5/2015 12:36:22 PM
Description: South Dakota farmers are faced with a great deal of stress concerning this year’s harvest and the potential for next year’s to be equally as disappointing. Prices are their main concern – especially since those prices aren’t

Georgia and Florida Could Use Mediation to Resolve Water Wars between States
12/5/2015 12:32:22 PM
Description: The ongoing dispute between Georgia and Florida over waterways could soon come to an end through mediation. Attorneys on both sides have recently agreed on the possibility of mediation, and according to Florida lawyer Philip Perry “… we

Mahwah Teachers Union Dispute Continues in Mediation
11/13/2015 6:26:41 PM
Description: Mediation will now be used in an attempt to settle issues related to Mahwah teachers’ contracts after the school district and union reached an impasse for the second year in a row. The union filed notice with the state that mediation is

Belle Plaine Teachers Seek Mediation
10/23/2015 2:32:40 PM
Description: The Belle Plaine School Board recently reached a tentative agreement concerning certain issues with the teachers’ union, but it was not enough to finalize any sort of agreement overall. The language issues have been resolved, but the remainder

Swimming Pool Dispute to be Settled with Mediation
10/23/2015 2:29:42 PM
Description: The Greenbrier County Commissioners in Lewisburg, Wyoming have agreed to mediation with representatives from the New River Community and Technical College. Their goal is to resolve the three year dispute concerning a swimming pool.   It has