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Private Mediation Could Resolve Truffle Oil Dispute
12/6/2017 11:30:22 PM
Description: Mediation could resolve the class action lawsuit filed in the spring of 2017 against Sabatino Truffles, a truffle oil manufacturer in New York.  The lawsuit claims the oil was infused with perfume and not actual truffles.  The case was

Mediation Could Resolve Dispute in Lawsuit Filed by Developer in Newburgh
12/6/2017 11:29:17 PM
Description: The developer hired to build a 91 unit apartment complex in the city of Newburgh is threatening a $31 million lawsuit against the city if city officials are unwilling to participate in mediation.  The dispute is over delays the developer says

Trinity College Calls on Mediator to Resolve Disputes
12/6/2017 11:28:03 PM
Description: An email recently sent to students attending Trinity College stated the Heads Team and Dean of Students Office are working with a third-party mediator to resolve the recent vote of no-confidence in the Dean’s office that occurred in

Minneapolis Public School District Requests Mediation
12/6/2017 11:26:29 PM
Description: Leaders from the Minneapolis Public School district are requesting that contract negotiations be settled through mediation with the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers union.  The process would bring in a third-party to work with the two sides

Mediation Could Resolve Dispute over Memphis Confederate Statue
12/6/2017 11:25:36 PM
Description: Ongoing community disputes over historical statues has reached the city of Memphis, and now, mediation could be used to resolve the matter.   In a dispute between the city and the Sons of Confederate Veterans, a mediator will attempt to

Pontiac Headed Back to Mediation
12/2/2017 8:40:30 PM
Description:   Mediation is underway between the city of Pontiac and the owners of Ottawa Towers.  The two groups are attempting to settle a $14 million lawsuit related to the Phoenix Center amphitheater and parking garage.   The owners of the

California School District Teachers to Resume Talks with Officials
12/2/2017 8:39:46 PM
Description: Teachers from the Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District, their union, and district officials will return to the bargaining table to try to come up with a new contract that satisfies everyone involved.   The teachers encouraged the

Anthem and Hartford HealthCare Headed to Mediation
12/2/2017 8:39:09 PM
Description: Hartford HealthCare is being encouraged by Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield to end its contract dispute that has gone on for several weeks.  At the moment, the dispute is costing tens of thousands of Connecticut residents more in health care

Mediation Delayed Over Lack of Respect
12/2/2017 8:38:19 PM
Description: Mutual respect and a willingness to negotiation are both cornerstones of successful mediation.  Unfortunately, in the dispute between the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe and the Mille Lacs County Board of Commissioners regarding a law enforcement

Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Heads to Mediation
12/2/2017 8:37:34 PM
Description: Former City of Nampa’s Deputy Public Works Director Michael Mieyr filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against his employer after dismissal following less than one year on the job.  Mieyr claims his dismissal was in retaliation for