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Seattle Bus Drivers Headed to Mediation
2/24/2018 12:09:04 AM
Description: Seattle bus drivers and the bus company, First Student, will meet with a federal mediator in an attempt to end the ongoing school bus driver strike.  The news of the mediation came after teachers staged a walkout in support of the

Residents Question If Mandatory Liquor License Mediation is a Good Idea in Baltimore
2/24/2018 12:08:24 AM
Description: A bill introduced in the Maryland House and Senate would give the Baltimore City Liquor Board the authority to require mediation when community members and liquor license applicants are involve in a dispute.  The liquor board spearheaded the

Seattle Student Mediation Program Holds Kids Accountable
2/24/2018 12:07:35 AM
Description: A King County mediation program has been put in place to help Seattle teens stay out of jail.  In the program, the teen accused of wrongdoing must face the person who has been harmed.  A peer mediator works with all parties involved and

Fair Housing Board Mediating Disputes between Residents and Landlords
2/24/2018 12:06:55 AM
Description: Renters trying to find housing can turn to the mediation program offered by Marietta’s Fair Housing Board for assistance.    One couple looking for housing, Deena Arnold and Bruce Gucker, were told to file a complaint and the board

Memphis Confederate Statue Dispute Headed to Mediation
2/12/2018 6:19:38 PM
Description: The Sons of the Confederate Veterans and the City of Memphis are headed to mediation that will hopefully resolve the dispute concerning the removal of the city’s statutes.  Chancellor Ellen Hobbs Lyle ordered the sides to mediation and

Mediation Results in Reduced Charges by Doctors in Texas
2/12/2018 6:18:48 PM
Description: Texas’s medical mediation program has resulted in millions of dollars in relief for patients.  There were more than $7 million in surprise medical costs taken to mediation, and estimates show doctors reduced their costs by approximately

Cell Phone Dispute Headed to Mediation
2/12/2018 6:18:03 PM
Description: Mediation will take place on March 9th between the City of Piedmont and Crown Castle concerning cell antennas the company plans to install in the city.    Crown Castle plans to install eight cell towers and had hoped to accomplish this

Mediation Continues between the Amalgamated Transit Union and the Greater Dayton RTA
2/12/2018 6:17:18 PM
Description: The Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) and the Greater Dayton RTA continue to negotiate in mediation concerning their dispute, but they have essentially reached an agreement concerning healthcare.   According to ATU Local 1385 President Gerald

Hernando Schools Superintendent Headed to Mediation with Neighbor
2/12/2018 6:16:33 PM
Description: Lori Romano, Hernando County Schools Superintendent, and her neighbor are headed to mediation in an effort to end their dispute.  Romano recently filed a restraining order against her neighbor, Italia Carolina Lainez.  This is common for

High Hopes for Mediation Resolving New Hampshire Beach Conflict
2/5/2018 11:07:49 PM
Description: New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu is hoping he will be able to work with the town of Hampton and government officials regarding a dispute over an area beach.  Hampton is in the process of suing the state over its state-owned