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Catalonia Leader Calls for Mediation
10/11/2017 7:10:22 PM
Description: Catalonia’s secessionist leader has called for an international mediation concerning the region’s dispute with Madrid.   The call for mediation came just a day after hundreds of people were victims of police brutality in the

Judge Farlam Appointed Mediator between Minibus Operators
10/11/2017 7:09:40 PM
Description: Retired Supreme Court of Appeal Judge Ian Farlam has been appointed by the Western Cape government in Cape Town to mediate the ongoing conflict between minibus taxi operators in the area.   The conflict turned violent in

Washington County Commissioners and the City of Marietta Agree to Mediation
10/11/2017 7:08:43 PM
Description: Washington County Commissioners recently agreed to mediation with the City of Marietta regarding their ongoing dispute over issues with a county sewer project.   Commissioners will travel to a neutral location in Columbus for the first

Baltimore Mediation Center Working with Police and Communities
10/11/2017 7:07:43 PM
Description: The Baltimore County Mediation Center will serve on the city’s consent decree monitoring team and develop a team of diverse volunteers from through Baltimore to ensure “… appropriate and authentic community

Mediator Trying to Help with BMC Dispute
10/11/2017 7:06:56 PM
Description: The deadlock over contract discussions concerning the Berkshire Medical Center and the nurse’s union will now be overseen by a mediator.   A mediator from a federal funded mediation service has offered services for free to assist the

Western Illinois University Seeking Mediation with Teachers
10/10/2017 5:23:38 PM
Description:   Western Illinois University and the union representing teachers and staff at the school will attempt mediation to settle their contract negotiations.   Negotiations have been ongoing for a year after the existing contract expired

Jamaican Dancer Heads to Mediation with Man Who Attacked Her
10/10/2017 5:22:48 PM
Description: Jamaican dancehall performer Bridgez will begin mediation proceedings in early November with the man who allegedly attacked her.   Bridgez was injured in a well-publicized stabbing incident earlier in 2017 when a man came at her on Red

Mediation Unsuccessful in South Burlington Teachers Contract Dispute
10/10/2017 5:22:04 PM
Description: The South Burlington, VT school board and its teachers’ union are in the midst of negotiating a renewed contract.   The two sides have met one time in mediation, but were unable to come to an agreement, despite an eight hour

Nevada’s New Mediation Foreclosure Law Reduces Number of Foreclosures
10/10/2017 5:21:25 PM
Description: It is no secret the real estate market in Las Vegas has been volatile over the last decades or so, and now, a new Nevada law is putting the brakes on the number of foreclosures in the city and throughout the state.    According to recent

Still No Water Contract in Flint after Mediation
10/10/2017 5:20:40 PM
Description: A court appointed mediator and two attorneys representing the city council were told by eight of nine Flint City Council members that they would not “be bullied” into agreeing to a contract concerning the city’s water