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Dayton Suggests Mediation to Resolve Conflicts in Montgomery County Jails
11/6/2017 4:28:12 PM
Description: Dayton’s Mediation Center coordinator is calling the situation in area jails a “pressure cooker” due to problems between inmates and corrections staff, and she believes mediation could help to resolve some of the

Mediation Attempts Fail again in Ridgewood Water Lawsuit
11/6/2016 10:28:44 AM
Description: The ongoing class action lawsuit filed by Glen Rock, Midland Park and Wyckoff against the Ridgewood Water utility is set to begin trial on November first in a New Jersey Superior Court. According to Glen Rock Mayor Bruce Packer, the last of the

City Facing Legal Challenge over Gravel Pit
9/21/2016 10:59:29 PM
Description: The battle continues to rage over the Goulet gravel pit application for the Baker Lake area in Timmins. Recently, the issue was brought forth by the Ontario Municipal Board responsible for ruling on land use and planning disputes. Now, a hearing

Kentucky School District Headed to Mediation
8/25/2016 8:57:11 AM
Description: Kentucky’s largest school district is headed to mediation with the county’s teachers union. The mediation will be overseen by a third party mediator, and both sides are hoping negotiations will bring a resolution as they head into the

Qualicum Beach and Regional District of Nanaimo Headed to Mediation
8/11/2016 5:37:39 PM
Description:   After Qualicum Beach refused to accept an amendment to the Regional District of Nanaimo’s Regional Growth Strategy, the two sides determined mediation is the best option for helping them resolve the dispute.   The dispute arose

911 Mediation Begins
6/29/2016 12:23:30 PM
Description: Mediation is underway in the dispute between Lake County, Cedar Lake, and Schererville officials regarding their consolidation of the 911 services available to those in the county. After one day of meeting, no resolution has been

Mediation Results in Settlement for Incarcerated Man
4/29/2016 10:31:15 AM
Description: Former Lawrence County inmate filed a federal lawsuit against the county sheriff, Jeff Lawless, has just been settled through arbitration proceedings. Lawless was unable to make detailed comments on the settlement, but did tell the local paper he

Mediation Begins for Hockey Referees and Parents
3/28/2016 3:40:10 PM
Description: The brawl that occurred between hockey referees and parents in attendance at the game will be settled through mediation. Both parties were ordered to mediation by Howell Municipal Court Judge Susan Schroeder-Clark in an effort to prevent the need

Mediation Helps Monroeville Council Reach Settlement on Federal Lawsuit
3/18/2016 11:53:35 AM
Description: A proposed settlement was reached during recent mediation concerning a proposed settlement of a federal lawsuit filed by Chief Doug Cole of the Monroeville police against several former officials and the municipality. That proposed settlement is

Mediation to Determine Waterline Dispute in Massachusetts Town
11/5/2015 5:47:48 PM
Description: Worcester, Massachusetts voters recently chose to authorize spending $250,000 to begin mediation with ExxonMobil Corp. to determine the outcome of a long-standing dispute concerning water infrastructure in the town. The mediation will determine the