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Mediation on the Horizon for Byron School District and Teachers
1/22/2018 10:48:13 PM
Description: The latest budget was unanimously approved in mid-December by the Byron school board members.  The board assumed the three unions would accept the wage freeze when they approved the budget, based on contract talks that had taken place the week

Madison Headed to Mediation over Tax Dispute
8/11/2016 5:38:42 PM
Description: Recently a judge in Madison Alabama ordered mediation to proceed between Madison City Schools and Limestone County regarding a portion of county property and sales tax proceeds. A portion of the city of Madison is located within Limestone County,

Sergeant Jasper Stakeholders Ordered to Mediation
4/18/2016 6:48:41 PM
Description: A circuit court judge recently ordered The Beach Company, the City of Charleston, and various neighborhood and preservation groups to enter into mediation over the Charleston Board of Architectural Review (BAR) appeal case over the Sergeant Jasper

Financial Dispute Regarding Florida Charter Schools Heads to Mediation
11/21/2015 11:57:31 AM
Description: Charter schools in Indian River claim they are entitled to at least $1.5 million from the school district. Three years ago, voters approved a tax increase to generate more money for schools, but they have yet to see a dime. The dispute has begun

Debate over Tax Akron General Tax Exempt Status to Go to Mediation
6/23/2015 7:31:56 AM
Description: Akron General and its ongoing debate over tax exempt status will go to mediation regarding the hospital’s Stow Facility. The appeal was filed by the Akron General Medical Center about a year ago in an attempt to seek property tax exemption

Heniger Park Lease Mediation Rejected by Otisfield Selectmen
2/27/2015 7:37:00 AM
Description: A growing dispute over the terms of new 99-year leases being offered by the Otisfield, Maine Board of Selectmen to 37 leaseholders in Heniger Park will not be headed to mediation despite a request made by representatives of the leaseholders

Lawsuit over Ticket Quotas Ordered into Mediation
1/17/2015 12:10:33 PM
Description:   A lawsuit filed by a police officer in Mendham Township in New Jersey has been ordered into mediation by the court.   Officer Robert Wysokowski claims that he and other officers were ordered to specifically target young drivers for

Missouri Supreme Court Strikes Down County Foreclosure Mediation Ordinance
12/3/2014 9:23:29 PM
Description: A St. Louis County ordinance adopted at the height of the housing crisis that required creditors to post non-refundable fees to cover the costs of a mandatory mediation between homeowners facing foreclosure and lenders has been overturned by the

Carrboro Board of Alderman Consider Mediation over Lloyd Farm Development
11/18/2014 5:01:55 PM
Description:   Community opposition to a proposed development at Lloyd Farms in North Carolina has led the Board of Alderman of Carrboro to consider bringing residents and the developer together in mediation.  Community members have expressed concerns

Financial Documents To Collect For Divorce Mediation
4/24/2014 2:22:42 PM
Description: When you start a divorce process, there are a number of documents that you’ll want to collect for your reference. You’ll also need them for your mediator and attorney and ultimately for your spouse. Collecting this information for some