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Union Strike Planned in Norway; Mediation Kicks Off
4/16/2018 6:13:17 PM
Description:   Norway’s oil and gas production could eventually be affected by a panned strike by union workers.  This comes as mediation kicks off to resolve the matter.   According to reports, Norway’s unions, which includes

Teamsters Union Postpones Strike during Mediation Attempt
4/16/2018 6:12:19 PM
Description:   Mediation quelled the possibility of a strike regarding the dispute between union employees and the Mahoning County Engineer’s Office.  Teamsters Local 377 issued a strike notice 10 days before they intended to walk out, but then

First Mediation Attempt Fails for Lyttelton Port Workers
3/28/2018 8:56:16 PM
Description: The strike resumed recently for two hundred workers involved in a dispute with the Lyttelton Port Company.  The two sides had attempted mediation, but the first attempt was unsuccessful and they walked away from the session no closer to a

Elder Abuse Mediation Program Could be Modeled after Child Custody Program
3/6/2018 12:12:03 AM
Description: The mediation program used to help end child custody disputes in the Australian legal system could be used as the basis to settle elder abuse disputes.  The original program was created to help with complex disputes between parents and has been

Seattle Student Mediation Program Holds Kids Accountable
2/24/2018 12:07:35 AM
Description: A King County mediation program has been put in place to help Seattle teens stay out of jail.  In the program, the teen accused of wrongdoing must face the person who has been harmed.  A peer mediator works with all parties involved and

High Hopes for Mediation Resolving New Hampshire Beach Conflict
2/5/2018 11:07:49 PM
Description: New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu is hoping he will be able to work with the town of Hampton and government officials regarding a dispute over an area beach.  Hampton is in the process of suing the state over its state-owned

Attempts to Resolve Disputes over DACA Have Proven Unsuccessful So Far
1/29/2018 7:39:39 PM
Description: The professional mediator, Dan Naranjo, has found that so far his attempts to help those disputing over DACA using mediation have not been successful.  His goal in the sessions is to help the opposing sides see the other’s point of view,

Family Court Mediation Program is a Success
1/29/2018 7:38:02 PM
Description: The Nagpur Family Court’s Mediation Centre has proven successful after settling more than 2000 cases in the six plus years it was been in operation.  The center opened in June of 2011 and has played a role in the settlement of nearly 45%

Mexico Elementary School Utilizes Mediation Program to Help Students Resolve Disputes
1/22/2018 10:46:45 PM
Description: Students at the Jeremy’s Ranch Elementary School in Utah are using mediation to resolve their problems.  Recently, fifth grader used the program to resolve a problem he had with a younger student after relocating to the school and getting

South Australia Family Mediation Program Receive Records Requests for Service
12/27/2017 11:09:20 PM
Description: A South Australian mediation program that helps family resolve legal disputes out of court has experienced record demand in recent months.  The program utilizes something known as “shuttle mediation,” which utilizes a facility that