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Allstate Requests an Extension of Its Upcoming Mediation Date

Wednesday, May, 20, 2020

Court documents show that Allstate has requested an extension of its upcoming mediation. The judge overseeing the case did not approve the extension and mediation will carry on as planned on the court-scheduled date of May 27th. Stanford Blake will act as a mediator and the process will occur remotely via Zoom due to current COVID-19 restrictions.


The dispute began when Allstate alleged that both AGA and Isaly pressured its clients into hiring them for windshield replacements. Motions were filed and mediation was scheduled. Allstate eventually requested the court deny some of the motions, citing confidentiality for not providing pricing agreements to the court. The court responded by telling Allstate it had to supply the documents and an order was issued regarding an emergency protective order requested by Allstate.


Right before the judge decided to keep the mediation scheduled, Allstate requested additional time for mediation. The judge granted parts of the company’s request and denied others, eventually extending the deadline to May 29. This was followed by a request from Allstate to have the date for responding to motions extended, which the court denied.


In addition to adjusting the mediation date, the court also issued a list of guidelines and additional dates if they are needed. These included:


  • June 30th is the deadline for disclosure expert reports
  • August 28th is the deadline for discovery
  • October 1st is the deadline for dispositive motions and Daubert motions
  • There were also 2021 dates set for meeting in-person to prepare and finalize joint pre-trial statements