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Attorneys And Their Clients Reap Benefits Of Insurance Expert Network, LLC

Tuesday, April, 15, 2014


Those in need of an insurance expert witness, mediator, arbitrator or consultant needn’t look any further than the Insurance Expert Network, LLC (IEN), a company with knowledge and experience in over 125 areas of insurance.


Starting out as a network of expert witnesses and consultants, IEN has expanded its services; now offering attorney clients access to certified insurance arbitrators and mediators.  It is the only company nationwide that offers a full range of expert resources exclusive to the insurance industry.


The Insurance Expert Network, LLC  is the only known referral service with a staff of insurance professionals equipped to pre-qualify the appropriate insurance expert. IEN is also the only referral service that can provide its attorney clients with access to over 500 insurance experts. This is a company that understands insurance issues inside and out, and can quickly get the right expert in contact with the attorney, an invaluable service in timely matters. Referrals are usually accomplished within 48 hours and the arrangement of conference calls between the client and the experts are complimentary. There is no charge to attorneys or their clients for IEN’s services.


Members of the IEN network of experts are carefully screened for their expertise in insurance.  Once a member, experts are contacted to determine their availability for potential cases as they arise.  IEN membership-based benefits include periodic information communications and access to numerous insurance litigation opportunities nationwide.


The Insurance Expert Network, LLC (IEN) staff of highly qualified insurance professionals has over 85 years of insurance industry experience combined, each member of the staff is dedicated to IEN’s mission of referring highly qualified insurance experts to attorneys and their clients. More information can be found at