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Biden Motorcade Lawsuit Resolved in Mediation

Tuesday, October, 8, 2019

The lawsuit involving a Delaware woman and the motorcade of presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden was resolved recently in mediation. The crash occurred in the earlier morning hours at Martin Luther King Boulevard and Adams Street in Wilmington.


In the suit, Gina Cherwaty of Selbyville, claimed she was injured in October 2016 when Secret Service agent James Hall driving in Biden’s motorcade ran a traffic signal and ran into several vehicles, including Cherwaty’s. Lawyers representing the federal government denied that Hall was negligent, but did not address whether he violated the traffic signal. Three other vehicles, including a state trooper vehicle, were involved in the crash. The vehicle that Biden was traveling in was not directly involved in the incident. Cherwaty was transported to the hospital due to her injuries at the time of the crash.


Another agent claimed that the vehicle had its emergency lights and sirens going at the time of the incident and was traveling slowly, which would indicate that vehicles in the area would need to yield. Cherwaty claims to have seen no lights or heard no sirens.


The incident caused long traffic delays in the area.


The judge is set to dismiss the case now that it has been settled in mediation. The mediation was confidential, which is a normal practice, and it is not known whether the details of the agreement will be made public, though that is unlikely to occur. It is also unknown whether the alleged traffic violation was ever addressed.