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Bradford Airport Suit Headed to Mediation

Saturday, September, 10, 2016

Former airport director Tom Frungillo’s federal lawsuit against the Bradford Regional Airport is headed to mediation. The first session is scheduled for the end of September and the mediator will be Thomas Frampton. Both parties still need to select a neutral location for the mediation meetings.


The dispute began to move toward mediation when Frungillo filed a lawsuit in the spring against the Bradford Airport Authority, its member counties of Cameron, Elk, McKean, and Warren, and the advisory board claiming he was wrongfully terminated. He believes the airport let him go because of his health problems. Frungillo stated he was having back problems, in addition to health issues that were stress-related. He claimed in the suit that he requested reasonable accommodations because of the issues.


Frungillo is seeking compensation for all pay and benefits he would have received had the termination not occurred. He also wants punitive damages and reimbursement for expenses related to the suit. He is seeking a trial by jury, if that becomes necessary.


The airport’s attorney claims that Frungillo never disclosed a disability and never asked for accommodations. He also stated that airport officials believed he behaved in an unprofessional and unproductive manner toward the airport employees. The attorney further states the position of the airport is that the severance agreement was breached.


A counterclaim was filed against Frungillo stating he breached the agreement by refusing to execute a waiver of claims in exchange for severance – something the airport’s attorney claims was explicitly stated in the agreement. They are seeking judgement, as well as damages and reimbursement for the cost of having to file the suit.