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Canadian Postal Workers Look to Mediation to Resolve the Issue

Wednesday, December, 5, 2018

The ongoing Canada Post strike could draw to a conclusion soon if mediation is successful. The workers are hoping a third-party mediator will be able to help both sides resolve their issues and allow postal workers to return to their jobs.


A rotating strike has been ongoing since October in Fort Saskatchewan, which has affected approximately 30 employees in the area.


According to Wendy Moore, shop steward and representative of the Local Canadian Union of Postal Workers, “Everyone is getting frustrated. They want a mediator to step in and help us out. It is the wrong time of year to be doing this. We sympathize with the public with Christmas coming and everything. You got to stand strong.” She reiterated the fact that the main point of contention between workers and the Canada Post is safety.


Canada Post has proposed a few interim solutions to ensure the holiday rush is not affected by the strike and it also offered employees $1000 if there are no more disruptions in labor between now and when the “cooling off” period it proposed draws to a conclusion. Postal workers refused to accept the temporary solution.


Moore called postal workers “overloaded” by the “too long” walks that are causing injuries. She is adamant the problem is not money, but the forced overtime that occurs during the holiday season and how it affects the health and safety of postal employees. She also pointed out that the Canada Post is understaffed because young people are not interested in the job. Package delivery has also increased in recent years, despite people sending fewer and fewer letters via Canada Post.