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How to Choose a Divorce Mediator

Saturday, January, 15, 2011

Finding and choosing a divorce mediator will be easier if you follow a few simple tips. Naturally, most people want a mediator that they feel they can trust and respect. As with most things, it is a good idea to conduct comparison shopping when choosing a mediator for divorce. You should talk to a few mediators before selecting the one that you are going to use for your divorce negotiations. You can find a list of mediators in your local yellow pages, online or through local attorneys.

Once you have your list narrowed down, there are a few factors that you should consider when choosing a divorce mediator. First, how much training has the mediator had? The most basic mediation training is comprised of 40 hours, but some mediators have more training than that. Besides the actual mediation courses and training, you'll want to find out how long the mediator has been practicing. Likewise, find out how many divorces the individual has actually mediated. Ask him or her for references and follow up by calling them.

Of course, fees are a concern for most people, so find out what fees the mediator is going to charge. Fee structures can be retainer-based, flat fees or upfront fees. Fees vary considerably, even within local regions, so it is worthwhile to compare divorce mediator fees. After you have spoken to a few mediators, you will have a good idea of who feels like the right person for the job.