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Colorado, District Attorney Agree to Mediation Concerning Misconduct Allegations

Wednesday, January, 15, 2014


The State of Colorado in the United States has agreed to a round of mediation between it and District Attorney Frank Ruybalid concerning charges of official misconduct on his part.


The charges are compiled in a lengthy complaint that allege Ruybalid on numerous occasions ignored court orders or official policies and withheld evidence or other information that could have proved innocence or lessened charges against individuals in a number of cases.  Ruybalid has admitted to the facts of the cases as described but has denied any misconduct and asserts all decisions were legal and within jurisdictional boundaries and department procedures.


For his part, Ruybalid claims some of the offenses were the result of an inability to hire trained and experienced people to the prosecutor’s office.


A trial is scheduled, but the State and Ruybalid agreed to attempt mediation.  If convicted, Ruybalid would not only be removed from his post as District Attorney but could lose his license to practice law at all in the State.  If mediation attempts fail to reach an agreement, the trial will begin automatically.  Mediation is seen as preferable to a lengthy and potentially embarrassing trial that could tarnish the image of Colorado’s prosecutor’s offices and embarrass the justice system in that state.