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Comic Book Classroom and Charlie La Greca Agree to Mediation

Tuesday, February, 25, 2014

Charlie La Greca, founder of Denver Comic Con, and the convention non-profit parent company, Comic Book Classroom, announced that they will seek mediation to resolve an ongoing dispute surrounding La Greca’s ouster from the Denver Comic Con.


La Greca founded Denver Comic Con (DCC) in 2012 and has run the organization under the auspices of Comic Book Classroom (CBC) since that date.  In early February 2014, La Greca claimed he was removed from his position by CBC without explanation, and demanded a financial investigation of the organization.  At the same time, he launched the Save Denver Comic Con organization while CBC denied his allegations.


Save Denver Comic Con had scheduled a public Town Hall Meeting to address the allegations and give La Greca a chance to speak publicly.  This event has been canceled, however, with the announcement that CBC and La Greca will engage in mediation to resolve their differences.  Each side expressed optimism that the mediation process would be a productive and effective one.