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Dispute Over Oregon State Website for Affordable Care Act Coverage Could Head to Mediation

Monday, March, 28, 2016

Lawyers for Oracle Corporation and the State of Oregon have been ordered to mediation by a Marion County judge concerning a dispute related to the state’s massive fraud and racketeering lawsuit related to the state’s the Cover Oregon website.


The order for mediation came after a nearly three hour hearing in mid-March, overseen by Judge Courtland Geyer. Prior to officially ordering the mediation, Judge Geyer said he needed to conduct more research, but that he believes good faith mediation for a day or two in private could result in a settlement everyone can live with.


Oregon’s attorneys were happy with the idea of mediation, but Oracle attorneys raised concerns the proceedings would not really be confidential. Geyer agreed to take Oracle’s concerns under consideration before officially ordering mediation.


Geyer agreed with the state’s accusation that Oracle mad misused a protective order in an effort to prevent internal documents from being used by the state. The judge ordered the firm to review hundreds of thousands of documents to see which should be and should not be confidential. He also ordered 10 documents be stripped of their confidential status, as long as certain components were redacted.


A spokesperson for the state issued a statement accusing Oracle of trying to conceal information from the public and keep facts hidden. She believes the judge’s ruling will result in information becoming public that will show Oracle is misleading the public.


Oracle believes the 10 documents made public will do little in building the state’s case against the company, and that the state will still be to blame for mismanagement of the Cover Oregon program. It is Oracle’s assertion that the state misled the federal government in order to receive $300 million in funding, only to abandon the healthcare exchange for political gain.