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Divorce Mediation: Costs and Other Considerations

Wednesday, May, 11, 2011

Divorce mediation: costs may be one important consideration for many couples who have settled on mediation as a means to dissolve their marriage and settle any disputes about the disposition of property and custody of underage children.  Both husband and wife may be tempted to select a mediation attorney based on the hourly fee that will be charged.  This is not always wise, however.  The old adage that you get what you pay for holds true when it comes to choosing someone to guide you through the process of divorce mediation.


Divorce Mediation Costs Only One Consideration


Spouses considering mediation should keep several criteria in mind when selecting a mediation attorney.  Training and qualifications are important considerations, as is the length of time a mediation attorney has been practicing.  Time alone is not nearly enough information, however.  Prospective clients should also be sure to ask how long a mediation attorney has been working with divorcing couples specifically and how many divorce cases he or she has handled in full, from start to finish.


Once you have found a mediation attorney that may suit your needs, be sure to ask for references.  Since mediation is a confidential process, you can expect to be provided the names of other professionals such as therapists or mediation attorneys rather than prior clients.  Also ask to see any articles your mediation attorney may have written; these can also indicate experience and expertise.

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