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Divorce Mediation Saves Families Time And Money

Monday, November, 5, 2012

A divorce can certainly be considered one of the most difficult events in a person's life, especially when the split involves children. Aside from the tainting of a family dynamic, feelings are hurt and time and money can end up getting wasted on the ordeal. However, mediation services can really help the parties involved to have a speedier and less messy split.

Mediation Attorney Discusses the Benefits Of Divorce Mediation

Winter Haven, Florida mediation attorney Kathy Leggett is now working in this field as well as having become a marriage counselor after working as a paralegal and mental health worker for 13 years. “Divorce involves grief, hurt, added accusations, and adds to the corrosion of any shred of a relationship that might be left. Mediation can help avoid that,” said Leggett. She also stated that divorce mediation can lay a perfect foundation for co-parenting.

Leggett, outside of being a mental health care provider for teens, families, and individual clients seeking help, she also has certifications that allow her to practice family law and civil mediation cases that involve paternity, child support, visitation, divorce, and less family-oriented cases like that of dependency issues, car accidents, and foreclosure disputes.

Leggett commented on the subject of family law saying that when the parties involved are experiencing high-running emotions that it becomes difficult for them to remain focused and that it can skew thinking and decisions. She also added that these type of conflicts result in not only psychological issues, but also physiological. Leggett commented further saying that depression, anxiety, and adjustment issues arise when a stressful life event is in the midst, and that in the case of divorce, a mediation lawyer can help the parties gain some perspective.

Family Mediation: Less Messy, Better Results

When divorce is inescapable for a couple and they are fully aware of their rights, family mediation can be a much more productive route than dealing with divorce lawyers, Leggett said. Mediation lawyers like Leggett help those in the middle of a divorce work out the arrangements in a more calm fashion.

Mediation is also a more cost effective alternative in that the meeting can take just a couple of hours and only costs as much as one meeting with an attorney.