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Familiarizing Yourself with the Mediation Definition

Monday, March, 21, 2011

If you are looking for a good mediation definition, you might get a different answer from a few mediation attorneys. In general, mediation is a process where two sides sit down and work out their differences. This can be done through an informal process or a more formal process, but it always includes a professional in the middle to help the two sides come to some sort of agreement. In order to get a good picture of a mediation definition, it is sometimes good to know what mediation is not.

Mediation is not a process where a mediation attorney will take sides and decide who is right. Likewise, it is not a process where a mediation attorney will allow one side to overpower another or intimidate another. The process is designed to get all of the information out there, and the mediation professional will work hard to get both sides to see the other perspective. The mediation should be neutral, and the parties should be willing to cooperate. Though it might be a bit unnatural for competing parties to come together on an agreement, a skilled mediation attorney can work to make sure this is the case.

Ultimately the process is good for a number of different disputes and it offers a nice alternative to the court system. It is a quicker, more friendly way to reach a settlement or agreement that looks after both parties. If you are interested in more information, you would be wise to contact a mediation attorney. Reading articles on this site can give you a good idea of what mediation is all about, as well.