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Family Court Mediation Program is a Success

Monday, January, 29, 2018

The Nagpur Family Court’s Mediation Centre has proven successful after settling more than 2000 cases in the six plus years it was been in operation.  The center opened in June of 2011 and has played a role in the settlement of nearly 45% of cases referred to it.   In 2017, about 350 cases were settled through ADR out of the 730 referred to the center by judges.


According to one family court judge, those involved in family disputes have been amenable to the idea of working things out outside of the courtroom.  He added the center was created to encourage people to speed up the process of resolving their disputes.  Describing the program he said, "To mediate means to explore the options of ADR as per Section 89 of the Civil Procedure code (CPC).  In this process, attempt is made by trained mediator with at least 15 years’ experience in advocacy of judge for amicable settlement between the parties. ”


The judge also pointed out the mediation is great for saving time, money, and energy.  He called the program voluntary and confidential, and something that allows family members, especially divorcing couples, to settle their disputes with respect.


He stated mediators give everyone involved a chance to express their emotions and their grievances – something that makes all types of mediation more successful for resolving disputes.  When people feel their concerns and feelings are being heard, it is easier for them to participate in negotiations.  The process also makes divorce easier on children.  The judge called on more people to try mediation to resolve their disputes and hopes the Family Court’s Mediation Centre’s program continues to be a success.