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Finger Lakes Area Clergy Urge Town Board to Attempt Mediation

Wednesday, December, 5, 2018

Mediation has been requested by seven clergy members in the Seneca Falls area. They have asked the Town Board to attempt the alternative dispute resolution process because they have noticed a growing increase in mistrust and division among the board.


According to a letter written by the clergy and submitted to the board, “We are writing because we share a deep concern for our community. We have witnessed the increase of mistrust and division amongst the members of the board.”


The letter further elaborates, “We have watched as members of the board have fought with one another and the constituents you serve. We have heard the same arguments continue month after month with no resolutions. And we have felt and seen the impact that the ongoing conflicts and division is having in our community as trust and respect deteriorates between the board and the people of Seneca Falls.”


There has been an ongoing three to two split on the board regarding several issues, including the impact of the Seneca Meadows landfill, as well as budget and tax issues. As a result, the clergy now believe it is time to try mediation.


The Center for Dispute Settlement of Wayne County has been recommended as a potential support resource for the mediation. According to the clergy, the agency has worked with several local town governments recently and has the experience needed to help in Seneca Falls. The director of the agency has agreed to oversee the mediation process free of charge.


The board has yet to respond to the letter.