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Fulton County Tax Commissioner and County Commissioner Ordered into Mediation

Friday, June, 6, 2014

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Kelly Lee refused to dismiss a lawsuit filed against Fulton County Tax Commissioner Arthur Ferdinand by County Commissioner Liz Hausmann, choosing instead to postpone her decision on the suit for thirty days while both parties were ordered into mediation over the matter.


Hausmann’s lawsuit accuses Ferdinand of abusing his authority in his role as Tax Commissioner.  Specifically, she accuses Ferdinand of using the power of his office to revoke a vehicle registration in her name as “payback” for public criticism Hausmann has leveled against the Tax Commissioner.  Ferdinand denies political motivations and asserts that he was simply enforcing the law, and in fact gave Hausmann plenty of warning and time to get her registration in order.


The vehicle in question is owned and registered to Hausmann but driven by her daughter.  In 2013, the daughter mistakenly renewed the registration on the vehicle using an outdated address no longer owned by the family.  Aside from rejecting the registration, Ferdinand questioned whether Hausmann actually lived in Fulton County any longer, which would disqualify her for the position of County Commissioner.  Ferdinand did eventually accept proof of residence from Hausmann and reinstated the vehicle’s registration.


Hausmann’s suit alleges that Ferdinand violated her right to due process as well as her First Amendment Rights, and that he abused his authority. 


If mediation does not result in an agreement between Hausmann and Ferdinand, she will render a decision on the suit in July.