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Gulf Shores School Board Will Resolve Dispute with Mediation

Tuesday, March, 6, 2018

Unsupervised negotiations between the Baldwin County Schools and the Gulf Shores School Board have ended and the groups are headed to meet with a mediator.  According to school officials, the city is “rushing into the school system” and it is not going to benefit the students.  Before things broke down, there were several amicable meetings, but no progress was made.


After the meetings that achieved no progress, the Baldwin County School Superintendent, Eddie Tyler, stopped participating in negotiations and contacted the State Superintendent about the dispute, asking for a decision.  Tyler wrote a letter that eventually went public and included the accusation:


“Gulf Shores has refused to respect our sincere concerns regarding the serious consequences of a rushed split this summer, leaving only a matter of months to prepare. ”


Tyler also accused Gulf Shores of failing to negotiate in good faith, despite the President of the Gulf Shores School Board, Kevin Corcoran, stating he believed they overcame all of the hurdles brought forth by the school district.  Corcoran says he was addressed the concerns “proactively” and hired a superintendent, and addressed other issues”.   


Corcoran’s willingness to work with the groups did not convince Tyler and the school officials, who believe there is only a vision, with “no leader, no plan, inadequate funding, and not enough time to work out the problems…”and that Gulf Shores did not address curriculum or a dress code.  Tyler summed up his opinion by saying he wants to wait a year and get things organized and under good leadership before moving forward, but Corcoran responded he is not interested in waiting.


So now, the dispute moves to mediation under the State Superintendent.