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High School Headed to Mediation after Teacher is Accused of Sexual Abuse

Wednesday, May, 9, 2018

Presentation High School will enter into mediation with the group that calls itself Make Pres Safe.  The group is headed up by a former student who is working as an advocate for changes at the school based on how sexual abuse allegations have been handled in the past.  Everyone involved has been asked to avoid making public statements prior to the mediation session in an effort preserve the integrity of the process.


However, the attorney working for Make Pres Safe stated there was no agreement that stipulates a gag order on either side and that there could be a comment made on the abuse allegations.  According to Robert Allard, "The only thing we are prohibited from stating about the mediation would be actual negotiations.  That is it.  That is all.  We never agreed on any gag order pre-mediation as they desired.   They do not want to talk because they have no defense for their actions, or more appropriately, inactions. "


The mediation attempt stems from allegations by a mother of a former student at the school.  According to the parent, the principal of the girls’ Catholic school did not contact law enforcement after a teacher was coughing kissing her daughter.  The teacher relocated to a different school and was later convicted of possessing child pornography on his computer and sharing explicit texts with a 14 year old student.


According to the parent, the teacher had the opportunity to abuse at least one more child because of the cover up at Presentation, despite the teacher admitting to wrongdoing at Presentation.  The school is also accused of allowing the teacher to run the summer theater camp at the school and receive $65,000 from parents, despite the allegations.