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Hope Mills Dam Mediation Fails

Thursday, March, 13, 2014

Hope Mills Dam Mediation Fails


Mediation between the town of Hope Mills in North Carolina, USA, and the companies hired to repair the dam that created Hope Mills Lake, failed to result in a solution, and the town announced that its $10 million lawsuit will proceed.


The dam, on site since 1839 and rebuilt in 2003, suffered a partial foundation collapse in 2010 which saw the lake drain almost entirely.  The town of Hope Mills hoped to begin repair of the dam in August of 2012, but repairs were never started, and the town sued the builders and designers of the dam: Crowder Construction, Liberty Mutual Insurance Co., McKim and Creed, Morrison Engineers, Mosher Engineering and Timothy L. LaBounty.  Crowder Construction suggested an attempt at mediation and the town agreed while keeping the lawsuit moving forward.


Both sides expressed continued optimism despite mediation’s failure, and both expected further discussions to be held before the July hearing date in an attempt to resolve the issue without the need for an expensive and lengthy litigation, during which time the dam and lake will remain unrepaired and unstable.  The town has stated that while it is open to a negotiated settlement, it is “comfortable” going to trial over the matter.