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How a Mediation Attorney can Save Your Small Business—and Your Family

Tuesday, August, 7, 2012

Mediation is usually a better choice for small businesses that have conflicts with customers or other businesses. A mediation attorney can save you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars—or even save your business—at times when a litigation lawyer would just leave you with a big bill.


It's an option that is available more often than most business owners are aware, and it can literally save your business. Read on to find out why.

Mediation Services are Nearly Always an Option


Unfortunately, many small business owners don't know what mediation services can do for them. This service provides a non-adversarial atmosphere where both parties can discover the areas where they agree (including areas where they might not know that they already agree).


Contrast this to the immediately adversarial nature of the courtroom, and you'll begin to understand the ways a mediation attorney can help you save your business, your money—and your sanity!

Civil Mediation Can Save More than Just Your Money


When you have a dispute with a business on whom you regularly rely—a supplier, contractor, or (especially) a co-partner—mediation can help you resolve disputes with still keeping your relationships healthy.


And speaking of healthy relationships, there is also the personal angle to consider...

How Mediation Lawyers Can Save Your Marriage


It's no secret that financial troubles are ultimately the big strokes that make most marriages fail. And it's no secret that mediation can save you a lot of money over going to court. So there is one obvious connection to this type of service and your married life.


Also keep in mind that court battles are often long and stressful. This stress doesn't just stop with you—it typically will extend to your whole family as well. That's why the healthiest thing to do in a business dispute is to call a mediation attorney before you consider litigation.