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Kane County Judge Reviving Plans for Compulsory Foreclosure Mediation

Thursday, January, 24, 2013


An idea that was first suggested in 2010 by Kane County, Illinois courts is now being revived, as Chief Judge Judy Brawka places foreclosure mediation at the top of her list of priorities.  While the initial idea was halted due to related stumbling blocks in creating rules for it, the newly sworn in judge has stated that her plans are to reinvigorate the concept at the 16th Judicial Circuit Court.   

As part of her efforts, she has suggested that a courtroom at the Circuit Court facility be converted into a space for the foreclosure mediation program to transpire.  In order to fund the program, the Circuit Court will increase their foreclosure filing fees. 

The court’s intent is that this new foreclosure mediation program will lower the rate of rising foreclosures in the area by forcing lenders to attempt to settle disputes with homeowners before selling the home in foreclosure.  According to reports, foreclosures in Kane County have been rising at an alarming rate, with 1,627 sales between July and November, in addition to another 2,115 properties scheduled for foreclosure sale between December 27, 2012 and May 30, 2013. 

According to Chief Judge Judy Brawka, while there are signs that the housing market is improving in Kane County, if the current caseload continues, the Kane County courts will be dealing with these foreclosures for the next five years before the matters can be resolved. 

It is estimated that the courtroom conversion process will begin in approximately three weeks.  In the meantime, if a homeowner is in need of assistance related to a foreclosure on their home, they can speak with someone at the mortgage foreclosure help desk staffed by attorneys at the Geneva courthouse.