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Kentucky Murder Case Headed to Mediation

Wednesday, June, 3, 2020

The defendant in a Simpson County homicide is requesting that his case be moved to mediation. The attorney for Jordan Alford of Portland Tennessee wants the two sides to attempt to settle out of court. Alford was charged in the murder of Damian Cook, a Franklin man. According to police, Alford assaulted Cook in a mobile home garage in Franklin in August 2018. Cook died four days later from his injuries.


In addition to Alford, Alford’s sister and two other people have been charged in Cook’s death. Those three have already pleaded guilty.


Alan Simpson, who is representing Alford, claims to have success in mediating cases and believes his client’s case would benefit from a mediation attempt.


Mediation is a process that brings both sides together to discuss the dispute and find a resolution outside of the courtroom. It offers flexibility and allows everyone involved to have a say in the outcome. Those involved in the mediation have the final say and a settlement is not reached until everyone agrees. This mediation would be overseen by retired judges, which is the norm for Kentucky cases.


Simpson acknowledges the emotions involved in mediation a murder case, but still believes it is possible in this case. He believes when an experienced mediator oversees cases like this, it can be far more effective for both sides to mediate. Mediation allows both sides to have a say and speak their mind. There is not a winner and loser, as there is in the courtroom, so both parties can walk away satisfied and feeling as though justice was served.