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Kilkenny Mediation Looks Promising

Thursday, July, 20, 2017

The judge overseeing the dispute involving the Kilkenny group of luxury design retail store is optimistic mediation will work to resolve the issues.   The dispute involves mother and son owners, Marian and Greg O’Gorman.   Greg’s father Michael, as well as several siblings are also involved in the dispute and will be affected by the outcome. 


According to Greg, his mother “summarily terminated” him as group marketing director in July 2016 after working in that position for 13 years.   He called the termination “humiliating” and claimed there was no reason for him to be terminated.   He also stated the action left him and his family “financially destitute. ”  He has been unable to find another job since the termination.   He also claimed there was scheduled to be a share transfer, listed in a “family constitution” executed in 2010, but was instead let go from his position.   Greg and his siblings each held a 25 percent share of the company.   The parties involved in the arrangement complied with arrangement until June of 2016, when Marian presented a prepared statement that the company was to “no longer be considered a family company.”


Marian O’Gorman and her husband have been experiencing marital strife.   The judge noted the case was well-suited for mediation, and that he was aware of Mrs. O’Gorman’s involvement in “acrimonious disputes” over the years. 


According to records from the company, the business flourished during Greg’s time as group marketing director.   He worked long hours for a salary lower than the going rate, and kept the company in good fiscal standing, despite the economic recession.