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Lawsuit over Motorcycle Crash Could Be Settled in Mediation

Tuesday, September, 24, 2019

Supporters of the Tyner family continue to stand outside the Tulsa County Sheriff’s office with signs calling for “Justice for Cobie Tyner,” as the date for mediation draws closer. Tyner, 18 at the time of his death, was killed in a head-on motorcycle collision with a car after a police vehicle had u-turned to speed after another motorcycle.


The pre-trial conference has been pushed back to November and the parties will mediate the dispute on October 7. According to reports, Tyner was likely traveling at 5 to 19 miles per hour over the speed limit and might have been going faster before he was forced to brake. The motorcycles brakes locked during the incident.


According the lawsuit, the deputy involved in the incident “negligently and recklessly” u-turned into the oncoming traffic, which meant Tyner did not have time to slow down. Tyner’s father wants to generate awareness of the event and he is seeking justice for his son. He wants those who drive by the site of the crash to know what happened there.


He also believes there is a double-standard. He explains if his son had made the illegal u-turn and an officer lost his life, he would be charged with vehicular homicide.”


Police officers maintain that had Tyner been obeying the speed limit he could have stopped in time. Investigators determined that Tyner took “an improper evasive action” and applied his rear brake, but that conclusion was drawn based on Tyner being an experienced rider. When he learned Tyner had been riding his entire life, he ruled that he would have known how to use both front and rear brakes.