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Friday, September, 23, 2016


1993 - Author and Narrator "Ocean Cargo: Murphy's Law Repealed (a play in three acts)" sponsored by MUSC.

1993 - Awarded the “Insurance Person of the Year" trophy by Marine Underwriters of Southern California.

1992 - Speaker on "Alternative Dispute Resolution" at the Air Transport Association (ATA) annual meeting.

1992 - Speaker, MUSC seminar on "Maritime Liabilities: Coverage, Prosecution & Defense”

1992 - Instructor "The Basics--Freight Claims Today" Co-sponsored by the Transportation Claims and Prevention Council (TCPC) and Sunkist Growers Inc.

1989 - Speaker at MUSC seminar on Cargo Insurance

1986 - Speaker, Yacht Insurance Symposium Co-sponsored by the MUSC and IEA

1986 - Instructor "Recovering Loss & Damage Claims," sponsored by the Shippers' National Freight Claims Counsel

1984 - Instructor on Marine Insurance and Maritime Law for the Insurance Educational Association (IEA)

1980 - Speaker at the national Maritime Law Association annual meeting on “Punitive Damages and Maritime Law”


1983 - Author, “Punitive Damages and Maritime Law: Current Trends and Further Problems”, a chapter in a book entitled Developments in Marine and Small Craft Liabilities, published by Fisher Maritime Transportation Counselors, Inc., South Orange, New Jersey

1989 - Author, “Ocean Cargo Insurance; Presentation, Adjustment & Subrogation of Claims,” prepared for delivery at the MUSC seminar “Introduction to Marine Insurance,” Los Angeles, California

1989 - Author, “Handling an Ocean Marine Claim”, published in Proclaim, the Journal of the Certified Claims Professional Accreditation Council

1989 - Author, "How to Handle Marine Claims," American Sailings, Vol. 3, No. 48

1991 Co-Author, "Going to Court: What to Expect," a primer for Cargo and Hull surveyors

1992 Author, “The Use of Receipt Qualifying Clauses in Ocean Bills of Lading and the Carriage of Goods by Sea”, delivered in Cadiz, Spain at the International Conference on "Maritime Liability in the 90s,” June, 1992, sponsored by IHALDM

1996 - Author, “Defects In Maintenance And Quality Control Ground ValuJet and Lead To Tougher FAA Stance On Maintenance, Training And Inspection Policies” one article in a bi-monthly series appearing in the Association Highlights magazine of the Association for Transportation Law, Logistics and Policy; aviation editor

2009 - Co-Author, “AIMU 2004 All Risk Clauses” co-written as a Member of the AIMU Cargo Clause Comparison Subcommittee

2010 Author, “COGSA, Carmack and Controversy: Regal – Beloit Corp v. Kawasaki Kisen, Ltd. Under COGSA, Carmack (The Interstate Commerce Act) And The Rotterdam Rules,” presented to the Southern California Board of Marine Underwriters


1984 - Royal Ins v Pier 39, USCA 9th (1984) No 83-6298 1986 AMC 2392

1987 - Ennia General Ins v V&W Seafood (1987) 1990 AMC 1488

1990 - McHenry v Urso SDSC No 590008 (1990) 1990 AMC 1659

1991 - Neuchatel Swiss General Ins. Co. v. Lufthansa Airlines (1991) 925 F.2d 1193

1992 - GF Co. v. Pan Ocean Shipping Co., Ltd (1992) 795 F.Supp. 1001

1994 - G.F. Co. v. Pan Ocean Shipping Co. Ltd. (1994) 23 F.3d 1498

1996 - Tokio Marine & Fire Ins. Co., Ltd. v. United Air Lines, Inc. (1996) 933 F.Supp. 1527

1998 - Miller v ABS, 9th Circuit 1998 No 97-55812

2004 - City of Malibu v. California Coastal Commission (2004) 121 Cal.App.4th 989

2006 - Durand v. U.S. Customs (2006) 163 Fed.Appx. 542