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Local Filipino Official Drops Suit, Issues Mediation Statement

Monday, August, 15, 2011

Mediation Statement Clears Air Between Osmeña, Guardo


A mediation statement from Tomas Osmeña, a representative for the southern district of Cebu City in the Philippines, revealed that he had dropped his libel suit against Jonathan Guardo, a local businessman who had apologized for allegedly libelous remarks.  Osmeña denied that the decision to drop his suit was political in nature, insisting that it was just "clearing the air" between the two men.  When Osmeña originally filed his libel suit, he held the position of mayor of Cebu City.


Mediation Statement Resulted from Mediation Process


Both Osmeña and Guardo attended a government mediation process that lasted four rounds, the last of which was held at Cebu City's Palace of Justice.  Along with mediation attorneys, the two men discussed their differences and came to an accommodation that included both an apology and the dropping of a civil lawsuit.  The matter was treated as a personal issue during mediation.  "Let’s not talk about politics at this point … this is not the case," said Osmeña to reporters once the mediation had concluded. 


Guardo's own mediation statement to the press included his apology for comments about Osmeña.  These comments had been released to the press over a year earlier in January of 2010.  “If ever there was even the slightest tarnish on the name and reputation that Congressman Tommy or this City suffered because of those statements of mine, I offer my apologies,” said Guardo as part of his apology.