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Los Angeles School District Making Progress in Talks

Wednesday, November, 20, 2013


There are many tensions in the discussions surrounding the facilities at Bullis Charter School, although officials are committed to the continued progress towards a solution.  Last week, district board president Doug Smith mailed off a letter to the officials of the charter school asking if they would be willing to reintroduce a mediator and to the situation.  Smith believes that the use of a mediator can be helpful for creating a long-term solution that is amenable to both parties.  Smith requested the return of Appellate Justice Hon. Richard J. McAdams as the mediator.


McAdams had previously helped in the same situation, when he facilitated meetings between both parties more than a year and a half ago.  Although the agreement generated during those mediation sessions did not ultimately come to fruition, the district felt that the mediator was essential in guiding both parties towards the discussion.  One of the biggest benefits of mediation sessions, in the eyes of the district, is that these sessions would be conducted in private.  Smith feels that the district needs to take a different approach at this time in order to reach a final solution in a way that is fair to both parties.


The letter supported the same two-on-two teams used in the previous mediation sessions between the district and the charter school in an attempt to bridge the gaps.  The goal of this new format is to help the two parties reach an agreement.  District representatives felt that both sides will benefit from the fresh perspectives of the other side when facilitated by the mediator in a neutral atmosphere