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Man Accused of Murdering his Wife and Kidnapping Son Refuses Mediation in Custody Dispute

Tuesday, February, 25, 2014


James Calvert, accused of shooting his wife and fleeing from Texas to Louisiana with his son, has refused to attend court-ordered mediation regarding the custody of his son while he is in jail.  Calvert, who is representing himself, met with his mother and her attorney for two hours in an attempt to come to a temporary custody deal, but failed to reach an agreement.  He refused to sign paperwork and also indicated he would refuse to participate in mediation to resolve the issue, claiming that mediation would be “dangerous” to his legal status.


The son is currently residing with his step-father in Houston, Texas.  Calvert has denied guilt in the murder of his wife and has shown a tendency towards non-cooperation with the court.  He has described mediation as “an environment where people can make up stuff about me.”


The judge in the case has warned Calvert that refusing to participate in good faith in custody mediation would result in “consequences,” most likely a Contempt of Court finding.  Calvert has held firm, and complained that the last Permanency Hearing (a hearing designed to determine the best placement of a child) was more than three months prior.  The next permanency hearing is scheduled for March.