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Man Accused of Pouring Kerosene on Girlfriend’s Car Headed to Mediation

Tuesday, June, 25, 2019

A man and his girlfriend will participate in mediation to resolve their dispute over the former pouring kerosene on the latter’s vehicle during a Valentine’s Day argument.


Attorneys for both parties will meet to discuss the details of the case. According to the woman, Dustin R. Hieronymus dumped kerosene on her car while at a bar during karaoke and lit the vehicle on fire. He has been charged with aggravated battery, third-degree arson and felony domestic battery. The judge overseeing the case asked that mediation be completed by the end of June and a status conference was scheduled for early July.


Hieronymus’ lawyer filed a motion to dismiss the case, claiming police did not have a warrant when they stopped his client for questioning and arrested him. He filed a second motion to suppress evidence. The motions have not yet been heard by the court.


According to the 27 year old plaintiff in the case, Hieronymus dumped kerosene on her car after the couple returned from a night out at the main Street Bar in Rathdrum for karaoke. The woman claims she wanted to continue singing, but Hieronymus demanded they leave the bar. An argument followed on the way home and once they reached their residence.  The woman claims Hieronymus covered her head with a bucket and then struck the bucket bruising her. He then doused the car in kerosene and lit it on fire.


The woman claims to have suffered cuts and burns on her arms and face and burning of her hair. Hieronymus claims she struck him with a frying pan during the argument.


The upcoming mediation will determine if a June 16 jury trial, which was vacated, will be reset later.