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Maryland County and Aurora Headed to Arbitration over Assisted Living Facility

Monday, October, 12, 2015

Negotiations will soon begin in the dispute between Aurora Holdings VII and Frederick County regarding the Citizens Rehabilitation Care and Odyssey Assisted Living at Montevue. The case nearly made it in front of a judge recently, but at the last minute the parties opted to negotiate the issues in mediation. A hearing is already scheduled for October 19th if a solution is not found.


Frederick County owned and operated two long-term centers, but in 2014, agreed to sell those centers to Aurora Holdings VII. Since then Auroroa has operated the centers, but the sale was never considered final. This mediation will address one of three open cases related to the sale of these buildings. The two other cases are also in mediation.


County representatives are questioning whether it would be in the best interest of residents for the county to continue operation of the centers. The sale occurred because the county was losing money and the commissioners though a private company would do a better and more efficient job with operation.


Should negotiations be unsuccessful, the county will file a court case as soon as possible to re-assume ownership through eminent domain which would allow it to seize ownership with appropriate compensation.


Aurora believes eminent domain in this instance would violate federal law and has asked the court to put a hold on any action. Both sides are hopeful mediated negotiations will be successful and it will not be necessary to hold the October 19th hearing.