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Mediation Ahead for Canby School District and Teachers

Wednesday, December, 4, 2019

After months of unsuccessful bargaining with the teachers’ union, the Canby School District has filed for mediation.  The Canby Education Association, which is the union that represents the certified teachers in the district and the school district were unable to reach an agreement concerning COLA, the cost of living raises teachers are given in the final two years of their contract.  Other issues also continue to plague the two sides.


The negotiations were part of a mid-term opportunity to discuss salary, insurance, and working conditions for the remainder of the contract that is due to expire in 2021.


When school districts and teachers’ unions are unable to agree, mediation is offered by the state Employment Relations Board.  Either side can request mediation after 150 days of unsuccessful bargaining talks.  State mediators have experience and training helping the sides “informally and creatively” explores their options.


According to a statement released by the Canby School District, “We value the hard work of all of our certified staff.  We appreciate their dedication to the students of our district.  We are hopeful that we will reach a tentative agreement soon. ”


Representatives from the union claim to be sad over the fact that the district wants to use mediation.  They also said they do not think the district understands them and that their issue is more about fairness than it is about pay.  They want the endless sacrifices they claim to have made during the recession acknowledged.


According to the union representatives the two sides are “quite close” regarding the issues.  Said one rep, “They are so close, in fact, there is clearly room for continued negotiation between the two.”


They also stated their bargaining team wants to continue negotiations and “CEA is still at the bargaining table.  We hope the Canby School District will rejoin us.”