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Mediation Analysis to Help Negotiate New Teacher Contract

Thursday, July, 21, 2011

A mediation analysis of the current teaching contract between Community Consolidated School District 181 and the local teachers' serving Hinsdale and Clarendon Hills may help the two sides to come to an agreement.  Mediation is slated to begin in early August after the parties failed to reach agreement on contract terms, despite two negotiating sessions during the previous school year.

According to a press release issued by the district, the current contract is set to expire on August 24th.  It is hoped that the assistance of mediation attorneys may help the two sides to find a way to settle their difference in a way that will protect three key interests: the long-term stability of the district, the salary and benefit needs of employees, and the best educational outcomes for students. 

Mediation Analysis Can Find Solutions

Mediation can often help break impasses such as these because the presence of neutral third parties sometimes aids the parties by providing a new and unbiased point of view.  Mediation attorneys who analyze financial and employee data can sometimes find solutions by using "out of the box" thinking that would not have occurred to the parties, who may be caught up in institutional thinking.

Mediation attorneys can offer a similar benefit in other areas of specialization such as securities mediation.