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Mediation Attempt Derailed by Union in Ryanair Dispute

Tuesday, September, 3, 2019

According to Ryanair, the Forsa trade union derailed the mediation talks that could have resolved the ongoing issues between the two sides. As a result, the announcement was made that pilots based in Ireland and members of the Irish Air Line Pilots’ Association and flying for Ryanair would launch a strike.


The strike announcement was made after 94 percent of union members voted in favor or industrial action concerning disputes over working conditions and pay. The union agreed that the only thing that could stop the strike at this point would be a proposal from Ryanair that would address all areas in dispute.


Ryanair’s chief people officer called the strike “absolutely extraordinary.” He also noted that it was his belief that the union did not just want to go on strike, they were “in a rush” to do so. He pointed out that union officials had arrived at the talks with a prepared statement proclaiming mediation a failure and announcing the strike. The statement was read publicly before talks even got underway. He further explained, “Mediation is about engagement and we reject absolutely the charge that we did not engage with them.”


Ryanair claims that it has proposed several potential solutions to the pay dispute, but the union is requesting a 100 percent increase and seems willing to accept nothing less.


The strike announcement from Irish pilots has set off threats of strikes elsewhere in the country from Ryanair staff. Mediation could avoid further strikes, but it seems unlikely the unions involved will be willing to negotiate.