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Mediation Begins for St. Simons Island

Monday, November, 18, 2019

The nine residents of St. Simons Island, along with the developers of two subdivisions in the area, have been ordered to attempt mediation. The mediation will address the lawsuit filed by the residents claiming there were negligent development practices.


The two sides were ordered by Glynn County Superior Court Judge Robert Guy to attempt to utilize the court’s alternative dispute resolution process. The judge ordered them to complete the process by May 1, 2020.


According to Judge Guy’s court order, “The parties shall schedule and complete mediation no later than May 1, 2020. All parties and/or their fully-authorized representatives with full settlement authority are required to attend the mediation. Though this order mandates attendance and a good-faith effort to resolve the issues, it does not mandate settlement.”


The residents of St. Simons Island filed the lawsuit in June. Each of the residents lived in or owned property near the Tabby Place and Captain’s Cover subdivisions in St. Simons. According to the lawsuit, the developers’ negligence and attempts to cut corners led to “excess volumes of stormwater” flowing onto neighboring properties, “resulting in flooding and other property damage” including the discharge of sewage from on-site sewage systems.


Additionally, the residents claim that inspection reports from state and local agencies found that the developers failed to protect the area’s natural resources, including the wetlands. They were also accused of maintaining the proper perimeter around sediment barriers and failing to stabilize areas not being worked on.


A response was filed by the developers denying the allegations and negligence and claiming they had complied with all ordinances and rules.