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Mediation Could Settle Dispute between Mosaic and Desoto County

Friday, April, 26, 2019

Residents of Desota County will participate in a mediation session in an attempt to resolve an issue with Mosaic, a company that wants to mine phosphate on thousands of acres of land in the community. The battle has been ongoing for some time and the upcoming public mediation will allow those affected in Desota County the chance to rezone their property.


According to one resident, “They’re digging up and destroying the watersheds. The plants and the trees and everything that protect and filter the water that feeds into the river.”


Others are worried the mining project will decrease the value of their homes because it creates toxicity.


The mediation has also drawn the attention of people living in nearby counties, due in part to the fact that drinking water from at least three other counties is expected to be affected by the project.


According to representatives from Mosaic, the upcoming mediation will help both sides “hit reset” and come to a resolution that works for everyone involved and protects the environment. A company spokesperson said Mosaic is taking “very good care of the water” and that they are abiding by strict regulations and closely monitoring the effects of the project.


Residents of Desoto County were not calmed by the reassurance and are afraid a big corporate presence will cause damage to the area. Many of them vowed to keep fighting the project. They are also concerned they will be on the hook financially via their tax dollars.