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Mediation Divorce Promoted by State Court in New York

Monday, May, 23, 2011

Mediation Divorce: long an option in many jurisdictions in the United States, this particular form of dispute resolution involving the end of a marriage has recently become popular enough to catch the attention of a state court in New York State.  The court, located in Westchester, is attempting to make divorce proceedings quicker and less traumatic by not only recommending mediation as an alternative to court proceedings, but also by offering free mediation sessions.


Mediation Divorce: A Reaction to Flooded Courts?


State administrative judge Alan Scheinkman is all too aware of how crowded a court docket can get when it comes to divorce cases.  The 9th Judicial District, with which he is most familiar, handles about 700 such cases each year.  These cases often involve large amounts in legal fees.  Scheinkman sees that as a waste.  "If people can sit down in the same room … and discuss their issues, they may be able to resolve them”, he commented when asked about matrimonial mediation.


Putting its money where its mouth is, the 9th Judicial Circuit in New York is now providing a 90-minute mediation session free of charge to interested divorcing couples.  "We just want to try to provide an opportunity to people to have a more expeditious potentially, and just as fair resolution of their case," said Scheinkman.

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