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Mediation Heads to the Cloud

Friday, June, 7, 2019


The CSG recently announced that mediation will be available by the cloud.  This platform will be hosted by Amazon Web Services and make it possible to meet mediation demands in real-time.  The cloud-based solution will be able to elastically scale, which means costs will be tied to current demand, as opposed to the tradition method of paying upfront to account for the peaks that can be unpredictable.


According to Chad Dunavant, global head of product management for CSG, “As demands continue to escalate resulting from the deployment of 5G and the growth in IoT, the need for mediating new usage data records will increase in importance. ”


Using mediation in the cloud can provide a significant cost savings and make the process more efficient.  It is an opportunity to provide the most efficient and effective option for service providers and is available with limited risk.  Furthermore, there is very little disruption to the current systems.  The platform is also able to provide support with additional issues on the backend.


CSG offers a variety of software and services that are designed to help companies on a global scale monetize and better manage the customer experience.  They have been in business for more than 35 years and made it their goal right from the beginning to simply business, provide revenue management, and to offer easier options for managing payments and improving customer engagement solutions.  CSG operates throughout more than 120 countries around the world and handles billions of customer interactions throughout the year.  They have worked with companies including AT&T, Charter Communications, DISH, Formula One, and MTN.