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Mediation Jobs Holders Benefit from Specialization

Wednesday, July, 13, 2011

Mediation jobs were hailed as one of the best careers of 2009 according to U.S. News and World Report, but the job outlook for mediation attorneys in 2011 presents some challenges. Many of these relate to the fact that mediation claims ebb and flow. This results in a situation in which the supply of mediation attorneys at some points in any given year may far exceed the demand for their services. 


The situation can make it difficult to find enough work to earn a middle class income, according to U.S.  News and World Report, but the solution can be to develop a niche. Mediation attorneys who specialize in a particular sub-field and establish themselves as experts in it are the ones most likely to be called upon to resolve disputes in that particular industry. 


Mediation Jobs Illustrate Importance of Specialization


Construction mediation is an example of a specialty field. Construction firms who run into disagreements with sub-contractors or clients do not want to hire a mediation attorney who will need to be brought up to speed on common issues in the field; they want their dispute resolved by someone prepared to be efficient, someone who already understands construction terminology and is familiar with uniform building codes.


Other specialty fields may not involve a particular industry. A mediation attorney, for example, could establish a niche in dealing with family disputes involving adopted children.