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Mediation Lawyers—A Smart Choice in Child Custody Mediation

Monday, October, 15, 2012

In divorce situations, deciding who gets custody of the children can either be very amicable or it can be the nastiest part of child custody mediation. What determines the complexion of the proceedings is what the couple's relationship is like when they are divorcing. Even removing anger and hurt from the situation, neither divorcing spouse trusts the other very well. Divorce mediation lawyers can be a great help in prevention the mediation into a cut-throat battle royale.

Things That Are Considered in Mediation

Since the divorcing spouses did not settle custody arrangements before the divorce proceedings, they are in need of mediation. The mediator, in order to make a fair suggestion, has to look at various elements in the lifestyle of each parent to determine what is in the child's best interest. Eventually, this will mean looking at the skeletons in everyone's closets. Betrayal is an all too easy emotion to feel at this point.

All the same, habits and lifestyles that support and impair the children's well-being must be discussed openly. Individual incomes, living arrangements, schooling and schedules have to be compared, along with any history of abuse or negligence, drug or alcohol dependence and so on all go into determining shared, primary or full custody.

Where Mediation Attorneys Come In

First of all, mediation is meant to be a mutual agreement between the two parties in an environment that is cooperative as possible. However, divorce is an extremely emotionally charged situation, especially when custody comes into play. Opening emotionally sore issues will tend to add fuel to the fire, endangering the proceedings to become a name-calling screaming match. Attorneys can speak for their clients with clear heads and civility.

Besides that, the separating spouses will need to be advised of their rights and choices. Child custody proceedings can go many different ways that most people wouldn't think of. Options are available that have been set down by precedents of prior cases. A competent mediation lawyer is thoroughly knowledgeable in these matters, and can help to steer your case in the direction that is best for everyone.