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Mediation Leads to Settlement for Man Beaten by County Sheriff’s Deputies

Monday, January, 13, 2020

A man beaten by Marion County Sheriff’s deputies will receive $120,000.  The settlement amount was agreed upon by all parties involved during mediation.


According to Robert Rush, the attorney representing Derrick Price, the Sheriff’s department will pay $100,000 and the remaining amount of the settlement will come from four of the five deputies who participated in the beating.


Rush stated that his client is satisfied with the settlement and is happy to see that the current administration acknowledged the wrongdoing of the deputies.  The previous sheriff, Chis Blair, was in office when the event occurred.  Rush is happy not only that his client will receive money but that there is freedom to file a lawsuit against the government when injuries are caused by government officials and law enforcement.


In a statement issued by the Sheriff’s Office, they expressed interest the matter is over and that they are “… glad to see this case come to closure and continue to move forward as we serve the citizens of Marion County.”


The mediation came after a federal judge granted partial summary judgment in favor of Price this past summer.  According to court documents, he claims to have been punched, kicked, and kneed by deputies during the event that took place in August 2014.  Had the mediation been unsuccessful, the case would have gone to trial.


The deputies involved in the lawsuit were let go after the event.  The four ordered to pay toward the settlement pleaded guilty to violating Price’s civil rights.