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Mediation Results in Postponed Meeting of Mills Town Council

Tuesday, June, 18, 2019

A daylong mediation sessions has resulted in the postponement of the Mills Town Council meeting that was scheduled for June 5th.  According to Mills Mayor Seth Coleman, the meeting will be rescheduled at a later date.


The mayor was part of the all-day mediation session what was held on June 4th between the members of the Fire Department union and the town of Mills. The discussions was over whether Mills would keep its fire department the same as it has been or move forward with the decision to eliminate all non-administrative roles in the fire department.  The decision to eliminate the roles was reached in April but has been debated since then.


According to statements by the firefighters union prior to the mediation, had the process resulted in anything less than a contract to maintain staff as-is, it would file a lawsuit against Mills.

So far no details have been released concerning the outcome of the mediation other than the announcement that the town council meeting was being cancelled.  Coleman stated the reason the meeting was cancelled was because there had been no time to prepare due to Tuesday’s mediation lasting all day.


The cancelled meeting would have included the second reading of 2020’s fiscal budget.  The budget has faced scrutiny in the community after a vote to eliminate the fire department’s ability to respond to emergencies.


There has been no make-up date scheduled for the meeting, but most expect it would not be announced until after the outcome of mediation is clearer.  It is expected that the details of the mediation would likely be discussed or made public during the next town council meeting.