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Mediation Talks Lead To San Diego Mayor Resignation

Saturday, August, 24, 2013

After numerous claims of sexual harassment and an increasing number of women coming forward to report their stories, San Diego City Attorney Jan Goldsmith reported that a proposed resolution had been reached on Thursday, although news reports indicated that the mayor was seen leaving his office with boxes on Wednesday night.  Three days of talks led to the final resolution, which was expected to be reported to San Diego City Council on Friday, August 23rd.


More than 15 women came forward with allegations of unwanted sexual advances or claims of sexual harassment in the past few weeks.  Petitions have already been circulated to recall Filner and his own party was pressuring him to step down already.


The latest in the string of claims was from Dianne York, noting that the San Diego mayor had placed his hand on her buttocks during a photo opportunity approximately three months ago following a meeting at his office.  She went on to report the incident to the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department.


City Attorney Jan Goldsmith was quoted on Tuesday as saying that mediation had the potential to continue on for some time, noting that it depended largely on the facts at hand and how much parties were generally willing to work with one another to get to a resolution.  Experts were guessing that perhaps the mayor was attempting to negotiate a deal that would reduce his financial liability in the lawsuit if he indeed opted to resign.


Those involved in the mediation talks were not discussing details, which is a benefit of many mediation hearings.  Mediation removes the more public aspect of litigation out of a case and generally individuals are able to come to a consensus much more quickly through the private conversations.  Other attendees to the talks included Councilman Kevin Faulconer and City Council President Todd Gloria.